Business & Education Services

Experienced & qualified engineers at an affordable price

Halifax Computers offer an extensive range of Business and Education solutions. Below is a brief overview of services that our experienced engineers are able to offer. To find out what our customers think of us, read our testimonials. If you have additional requirements or need more information then please contact our sales team.

Service Contracts

Your IT system is an essential tool that allows your business to function. At Halifax Computers we understand that when your IT system fails, you stop working. We are able to provide excellent support for our business and education clients through our qualified, hard working and experienced engineers who are dedicated to resolving your IT problems. Every support call to Halifax Computers is answered with a human response; we do not believe in automated systems and will always do our best to resolve the problem efficiently.

By taking out a service contract, clients are able to take advantage of our 4 hour response time, allowing their problems to be resolved either by phone, remote support or an onsite visit. Service contracts include third party liaison, allowing for a smoother service when down time occurs. This unique service means that we will log hardware fault calls, contact software vendors and other IT companies on behalf of our client if it is required to resolve their problems. This not only saves our clients hours of correspondence it also guarantees that they are never caught between external companies that are refusing to take responsibility for problems or faults.

Server Solutions

Utilising the latest hardware and software from branded manufacturers like HP, Dell, Acer, Microsoft, Symantec and Apple, Halifax Computers are able to create a unique server solution for each client that meets their individual requirements.

Workstation Solutions

As an OEM reseller Halifax Computers are ideally placed to provide our customers with bespoke hardware to meet their exact requirements. In addition to bespoke systems Halifax Computers sell the latest hardware and software from branded manufacturers like HP, Dell, Acer, Microsoft, Symantec and Apple. Utilising this equipment Halifax Computers are able to create a unique workstation solution for each client.

Cloud, Website & Email Hosting Solutions

Halifax Computers provide website and email hosting through a top 10 ranked UK based hosting provider which boast a 99.9% uptime. All packages support either Linux or Windows based hosting with all administration carried out by Halifax Computers taking the pressure off our clients. We are also a Microsoft Online Services Partner enabling us to provide a full range of Office 365 cloud products.

Office 365

From tablets and phones to PCs and Macs, do more with an Office 365 subscription. Get full, installed Office applications on your PC or Mac, up to 5 TB of online storage, extra features on your tablet and smartphone, and more, so you have the power and flexibility to get things done from virtually anywhere.


Halifax Computers can supply a wide range of fast and reliable products to help you meet your business connectivity. Choose from Fibre Optic Broadband (FTTC up to 80Mbps* and FTTP up to 330Mbps**), fixed rate ADSL up to 2Mbps, rate adaptive ADSL up to 8Mbps* and rate adaptive ADSL2+ up to 24Mbps*.
*Upload and download speeds are dependent on the quality of the line and distance from the serving exchange (or cabinet in the case of FTTC).

Antivirus Solutions

Protect your business from viruses originating from websites, email and removable media. Halifax Computers install industry standard reliable antivirus solutions that protect you from viruses, email SPAM, phishing scams and identity theft.

Managed Print Solutions

Halifax Computers can supply you with the very latest in HP technology in the managed print sector. Providing you with HP support, HP supplies and the very best in printing you can get.

We can supply your office from the very basic mono printers up to a full MFP suite. Get in touch now to get a quote and see how we can improve your office printing.

Smart Phone Deployment

Mobile telephones are no longer just a tool for talking they are an extension of your IT infrastructure. From email and calendar facilities to custom applications to run your business, smart phones are now an essential tool. When replacing your mobile handsets Halifax Computers can advise you which handsets meet your business requirements and how to seamlessly integrate them with your existing IT Infrastructure.

Network Solutions

Whether your requirements are for a single site Local Area Network (LAN) or a multisite Wide Area Network (WAN) Halifax Computers can assess your site and requirements then provide you with an appropriate cost effective solution.

Network Auditing

If you are unsure of what is connected to your network or you wish to review your current network solution, Halifax Computers can perform a network audit. We will detail all aspects of your IT infrastructure and provide a comprehensive report including any recommendations we feel would improve your existing solution. Our standard audit can be applied to any environment and includes, warranty status of equipment, licensing compliancy, serial numbers and asset tags, service pack and patch status, installed applications, computer and network identification, full specifications of machines, security levels and status, printers and printing solutions, operating system and environment details, network topology, wide area network details, internet connectivity and speed, network storage and backup schedule.

Wireless Network Solutions

The increase in laptop and smartphone use has created a rising trend in the use of wireless networking. Halifax Computers can provide scalable wireless solutions to meet these growing needs.

Network Security

Halifax Computers can implement network security solutions and advise our clients with regards to the best policies for passwords, firewalls, content filtering and network encryption to help protect your network from hacking attempts and data theft.

Data Backup Solutions

Protect your data against IT failures or accidental deletion. Halifax Computers offer a wide range of backup solutions including onsite backups through removable media to offsite backups to a secure server using the internet. We will advise you on the best solution for your business and train you how to check your backups are working.

Data Security & Encryption

The most valuable IT commodity within a business is the data it uses to operate. Whether it's your customer database or your financial information, Halifax Computers can assess your company’s data and implement the security and encryption required to safe guard your data from theft, tampering or loss of a portable device such as a laptop or memory stick.

Disaster Recovery Planning

What do you do to get your business up and running quickly in the event of a disaster such as equipment failure, theft or fire damages? Halifax Computers can help you put your disaster recovery plan in place. The plan does not just include your IT equipment but the whole running of your business. A disaster recovery plan is an invaluable tool for an efficient return to normal business in a difficult situation. It’s always better to be prepared.

Data Recovery from Failed Hard Disks

If a hard drive fails in a server or workstation and you have no valid backups, Halifax Computers may be able to retrieve your data. We can analyse the hard drive to find out how severe the failure is and then attempt to retrieve as much data as possible.

Smartboard Solutions

Whether you're in the classroom or making an important business presentation, projectors and smart board equipment are now the industry standard. Halifax Computers can install and configure smart board solutions to meet your business needs.

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