Microsoft Cloud Agreement


Microsoft requires all users of their Cloud Solutions to provide details of one end user who accepts the terms and conditions that Microsoft sets out in the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA).

Therefore we ask that you READ the Microsoft Cloud Agreement below in the PDF provided, then enter your details before clicking the accept button. This will then forward your acceptance to Halifax Computers Ltd.

Please note that failure to accept the Microsoft Cloud Agreement below will cause interruption of your cloud products and may lead to the termination of your services.



Please enter your details and accept the agreement below.

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    Privacy Policy

    Halifax Computers will provide our wholesaler with details that they need in order to prove that you have accepted the MCA. These details will be stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    If you wish to see the Privacy Policy of our wholesaler then please contact Halifax Computers via our contact us page.

    You can find the Privacy Policy of Halifax Computers by clicking here.

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