Statement on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Halifax Computers Statement

Halifax Computers continues to monitor the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) developments with a primary focus on ensuring the health and safety of our colleagues while mitigating business impacts for all of our clients. In light of this, we have prepared our business continuity plan and are convening regular meetings to continue assessing this fluid situation.

Although business will continue as normal for the foreseeable future, we have set in place contingencies that will allow our employees to continue their work from their homes. This will allow us to continue to meet our obligations all of our clients.

In addition to anything below, should any actions or decisions be made, they will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event of a lockdown what will happen?

Should the government decide to implement a lockdown on free movement across the country, Halifax Computers will immediately activate our business continuity plan, which will allow us to continue as usual, in a more limited capacity.

How will Halifax Computers continue to operate?

In our business continuity plan we will allow our colleagues to work from home where they will have full remote-control accessibility as they do within the Halifax Computers premises and will be reachable on the same telephone number which will allow you to reach any member of staff.

Will there be any site visits during a lockdown?

In these circumstances we will not be allowing site visits as this would go against government advice to halt all unnecessary movement. As you can understand, if a lockdown is put in place, this is to protect everyone from the spread of the disease and it would be inappropriate to go against this advice and put our colleagues at risk of infection.

Will you be supplying new hardware?

In the extreme event that the country is locked down, we will not be selling, building or providing any hardware until this serious situation is reduced and a government lockdown of the country is removed. I would suggest that if you are preparing for this situation, and your think that you require new equipment, then please plan in advance before the situation becomes worse or you will need to rely on the hardware you have until the situation has passed.

What should we do to prepare if the government activates a lockdown?

It is advisable that all companies have a business continuity plan in the event that an unplanned event should affect the day to day running of your business. If you are unsure of what you can do to help your company continue in the event of a nationwide lockdown and allow your employees to continue working from home, please get in touch and we will help implement any necessary steps to undertake.

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