A few answers to common questions

General Questions

Do you sell new computers?

Halifax Computers sells new computers, laptops, tablets and components to meet your every need.

Even if we do not have it in stock. We can get it for you. You're welcome to get in touch and get a free quote.

Do you repair computers?

Yes. Halifax Computers has the ability to offer a wide range of repairs.

Just bring in your computer to get a diagnostic service.

Do you do upgrades?

Yes. Halifax computers can help you with your desktop or laptop upgrade.

As we do not work on commision, you can be rest assured that you will get the best advice possible.

Do you do computer lessons?

No. We neither have the capacity or the time to offer this service.

Do you do home visits?

We can come to your house and fix your computer. However this is chargeable at our business rates, plus VAT. This is an hourly rate.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Our standard terms and conditions can be found here.

Post Sales Questions

What warranty do you offer?

All new hardware sold by Halifax Computers comes with a standard 12 month, return to base warranty.

My computer has a problem and is under warranty. What do I do?

If you have a computer that is under warranty and you are experiencing a hardware issue, then return the computer to us here at our shop.

What if my computer is in warranty and has a software issue?

Our warranty is for hardware only. Software is not covered under the warranty of your computer. Software is sold on an as-is basis. When we supply the computer, we have already tested the software during the build process.

If you break any software that we supplied, we reserve the right to charge for the repair, even if the computer is under warranty.

I had hardware changed under warranty. Do I get 12 months for the replaced hardware?

No. Your warranty continues from when you first bought it. This only changes if your warranty had less than 90 days to run at the time of repair. In this instance your warranty (hardware only) is 90 days from the date of repair.

What about a repair, do I get warranty with that?

If your computer required new hardware, then the new hardware will have a standard 12 months warranty.

Labour does not come with a warranty, but we will try to help on jobs that we have done within a 7 day period. If you return the job but it is a new issue or something that you have done to create the problem again, then it will be chargeable at our standard rates.

I bought a component that says it comes with a warranty longer than 12 months, what do I do?

Halifax Computers sells all of its hardware with a 12 month warranty. Any warranty stated on the boxes is with the manufacturer only. If you have an issue outside of the 12 month warranty offered by us, then please contact the manufacturer directly.

Still looking for an answer?

Then why not drop in at the shop or alternatively you can give us a call.

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